The Single Father's Blog

Real Talk…From A Real Dad…On Real Life


The Single Father’s Blog is a website dedicated to shedding light on the issues that effect today’s single father.  The site provides useful information to fathers and also raises awareness about topics that sometimes go untouched.  Showtime, the founder and creator of the site is a media personality and a product of the Hip Hop culture so his main focus is reaching fathers from the Hip Hop generation.  We bring you real talk about fatherhood, giving readers the information that they need in a way that can be easily understood.

Showtime is a dedicated father who has a passion for fatherhood, and wants to raise awareness about the need for fathers to play their part in raising children in today’s society. This blog will be an outlet for Showtime to talk not only about fatherhood but also about the issues in every day life that fathers around the world can relate to.

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