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It’s Shoooowtiiiiiimmme….. the Self-proclaimed “Mr. Talk of The Town,” has
become the voice that listeners and readers have come to recognize as their
own. Showtime is an accomplished radio professional, author and blogger
who uses his voice to help guide the lives of today’s youth. Born and raised in
Hampton Roads, Virginia, Showtime began cultivating his passion for music
and all things multi-media at an early age. After losing his father early in his
childhood, Showtime began to lean on the culture of Hip Hop to fill the void that
was left by his father’s death.

Showtime began his radio career in 2000 at Norfolk State University’s WNSB
College Radio station as an on air jock. There he honed his skills and interviewed
artists such as Pharrell, Norega, Grand Puba and Clipse.

After leaving WNSB in 2002, Showtime became the go-to-guy for On Top
Communications WWHV in Virginia Beach, VA. Beginning as a part time
board operator, Showtime impressed both management and his peers and
quickly moved up from doing weekends and fill-ins to hosting his own night
show at the station. By having hosted shows in every time slot at the station,
Showtime exemplified his flexibility and his ability to relate to listeners from all

Influenced by radio greats like Tom Joyner, Donnie Simpson, and Russ
Parr, Showtime returned to WNSB in 2008 and created “The Talk of The
Town Morning Show (TOTT MS)” The TOTT MS connected with listeners
every morning waking them up to comedy bits, engaging conversation, and
information on the things that mattered to them most. He also gained the
respect of community movers and shakers by providing politicians, advocates
and community leaders a platform to discuss the issues that affected their
communities. Like Barbara Walters penned in her 1970 best seller, Showtime is
able to “talk to practically anyone about practically anything.” This is a skill that
only the truly successful share. As a result, he has been able to garner genuine,
lasting relationships and build a great reputation in the industry.

In addition to being a dynamic radio personality, Showtime is also a dedicated father  and published author. He is a contributor to the book Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love, and Fatherhood. Featured alongside a variety of prominent figures like rappers Talib Kweli and Rhymefest, and activists like New York Democratic candidate for Congress (2010) Kevin Powell, professor William Jelani Cobb, and Hip Hop historian Davey D, Showtime gives an account of what it was like being raised in a fatherless home where his only positive male influence came from members of the Hip Hop community.

With his natural leadership abilities, Showtime has been in charge of several
radio station internship programs and street teams. His future goals include
hosting a syndicated radio show, and founding a nonprofit organization aimed at assisting young fathers.

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