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I’ve just learned that comedian Katt Williams has lost custody of one of his children. Williams who is the adoptive father to 7 children lost custody of his daughter Leanne to his ex Crystal McGhee.

McGhee won sole legal and physical custody while Katt was awarded visitation of the 8 year old on alternating weekends. Crystal also won visitation of Leanne’s two siblings. It’s not clear if Williams has custody of those two.

This has seemingly been thee worst year ever for Katt Williams. I know he’s on the road now doing comedy, but hopefully things will pick up for him in 2012.

It always saddens me when I see fathers who are obviously trying to work hard and provide for their children get the short end of the judicial stick when it comes to custody and visitation. I don’t know the specifics of the court case, but I know from personal experience  how hard it is to be told by a judge that you can not be in your  child’s life on a full time basis.

The system isn’t designed for us to win, so as fathers we have to be aware of our rights and know exactly what the paramaters of our custody orders entail. Katt has gone through a lot this year, but I hope that he and Crystal can work these things out so that he is not just reduced to seeing his daughter every other weekend. Because that is not the way to effectively raise a child.

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