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Rapper Ludacris and his 10-year-old daughter Karma have teamed up to launch a new educational website for kids. The site is geared towards kids between the ages of 6-11.

Luda’s daughter Karma came up with the idea for the site, and her dad put his resources to use to make it happen.

The site has games, songs, and resources for parents and teachers. I haven’t gone through the entire site yet but from what I see it is really dope. It’s always good to see fathers encouraging their kids to be productive and innovative. Luda is not only doing something to encourage his daughter’s dreams, he is also giving other parents the opportunity to get involved with their children’s education and life skills.

This is really dope!

“We wanted the site to be educational, fun and full of music that all kids will enjoy, but we also wanted it to teach kids more than just academics. The site touches on subjects like , the rewards of hard work and importance of learning manners as well as the idea that doing good deeds for others will bring good into your life — which is the meaning of the word Karma. The music and lyrics, games and stories on the site are all original and were created by me, my daughter and my creative team.”


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